First Day in Colorado

Louanne on Mar 29th 2017

We made our yearly drive up to Colorado to see the Peterman’s and spend Thanksgiving with them. And I was so happy for the girls that it snowed at the start!!

After the snow the girls came in to play. Nadia disappeared with Evie, Dani started crafting and Amelie wanted to play with the dogs. A great first day in Colorado!

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Visit to Joplin

Louanne on Mar 28th 2017

In November Mike’s sister Sharon got very sick and was hospitalized and it was dire enough that we felt we needed to pack up and go up to Joplin to see her. We got checked into a hotel and headed straight over to see her in the ICU. The girls were amazing in the waiting room considering they were unable to go back to see her and they just had to keep busy. They did a great job being quiet and respectful because there were several very sad people waiting also. After visiting, our niece took us to try a burger place called Mojo’s and it was great. Dani had to hug her and tell her thank you for bringing us to a place with such great food.

Looking out the window while the parents got everything packed up. We headed back to the hospital after breakfast and while visiting we got the great news that Sharon was going to be moved out of the ICU and into a regular room. It was really amazing since they thought she would be in the ICU for weeks!! We waited for the move to the new room and then took the girls to see her. I was so happy they had the chance to see her since they had been so good in the ICU waiting room.

On the way out of town the next day we tried this pizza place and it was wonderful. It was a great place to take our Taggie trip photo.

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Fun visit – November 2016

Louanne on Mar 27th 2017

Kathy and Rieley came to visit us at the beginning of November and we had such a great time. We ate A LOT of tasty food as a priority. We also went to the Science and History museum where we checked out the exhibits and saw the IMAX about Sharks.

One last goodbye hug before they headed home and we headed for co-op (can you see Dani’s little bow in the middle?). Thanks for coming to see us!!

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CPAC 20th anniversary

Louanne on Mar 25th 2017

At the beginning of November, CPAC celebrated it’s 20th anniversary with a big show. Some returning members where there and Amelie was very excited to take part. Papa and Grandma Brooke, Roger and Paula and some friends from taekwondo all came out to see her. She looks so cute!

The next morning Papa and Grandma Brooke came over for WAFFLEMANIA before they headed home to Houston.

Amelie had fun doing Grandma Brooke’s hair. It was a nice visit.

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